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Woman allegedly at center of Haven fight sues A.C. mayor for repayment of $5,000 loan

Meredith Godfrey and Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy, right, can be seen talking as Haven worker Julie Rodriguez is led away by security following the Nov. 11 altercation.

The woman said to be at the center of a nightclub fight involving Atlantic City’s mayor is now suing him for a $5,000 loan she says was never repaid. Meredith Godfrey, who the suit describes as having a “close personal relationship” with Mayor Frank Gilliam, claims she lent him the money Aug. 17, to pay an attorney for trademark advice regarding a tourism slogan for Atlantic City. Godfrey is director of nightlife entertainment at the Haven Nightclub where Gilliam and Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy got into an altercation with three employees in the early morning hours of Nov. 11. Complaints signed against Gilliam were dropped at a court appearance Feb. 28. Days later, Godfrey filed her suit in Atlantic County Civil Court. “We tried to collect without having to go to court,” Godfrey’s attorney, former Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, told BreakingAC. But requests for repayment made on Oct. 7 and 10, were not answered. A letter sent by Nov. 28 by Guadagno also received no response, the suit alleges. The suit was first reported by the conservative website Save Jersey. While the suit makes no mention of the Nov. 11 altercation, Godfrey was at the club that night and can be seen in surveillance video previously released to the media.

Before the melee, Godfrey and Fauntleroy are shown talking in a room near the exit. There is no audio. As Godfrey talks animatedly to the councilman, Gilliam walks in with a baseball cap. Godfrey appears to turn away from him. Later, all three walk outside and Gilliam is seen talking briefly to Godfrey. Altercations involving workers Greg Aulicino, Joseph Camarota and Julie Rodriguez followed. Fauntleroy confirmed the woman is Godfrey, but said he could not comment on what was said. After the fight, Fauntleroy goes to get into his car and then stops and seems to be yelling to someone. At that point, Godfrey walks quickly into view. But the camera then pans away as it follows Rodriguez being led away by security as she continues to scream toward the group.

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Neither Gilliam nor his attorney returned requests seeking comment. The suit is also asking for $5,000 in attorney fees, along with filing costs. Guadagno said she had no information on the criminal complaints and could not comment. She also said she could not comment on how she got the case, citing attorney-client privilege. Aulicino was represented by Cumberland County Republican Chair Michael Testa. Guadagno has contributed to Testa’s current run for state Senate. Neither Aulicino nor Testa responded to calls seeking comment.

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