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Two is better than one as BreakingAC joins forces with Shore Local Newsmagazine

Updated: May 26

Two local independent news teams are joining together. BreakingAC and Shore Local Newsmagazine have announced a new partnership that they believe will help improve local news and offer a wider variety of information to their readers. Starting with the May 30 issue, Shore Local will have a BreakingAC insert that will put in print the news that many get online. “Shore Local is excited to team up with BreakingAC,” said Cindy Fertsch, half of the husband-wife team that founded the news magazine. “Each is a fantastic publication and now, together they are even better. Readers will be able to see BreakingAC content in print within Shore Local, and Shore Local articles and content on BreakingAC.com.” An official announcement was made on Shore Local’s radio show.

CHECKOUT Page 36 for BreakingAC’s contribution to Stories of Atlantic City

The partnership teams a well-established local news magazine with a focus on community and the multitude of attractions the area has to offer to visitors with the “confirm then report” breaking news and deeper stories that BreakingAC is known for. “I have been striving to report more about the community and highlighting the positives in this area,” said BreakingAC’s Lynda Cohen. “This will allow BreakingAC to expand its coverage, while being able to bring the greatness of Shore Local to a new audience.” In addition to its print publication available for free at 350 locations, Shore Local also has a radio show and podcast. And its full publication is available online and, now, on BreakingAC. A preview of BreakingAC’s work can be found in the May 16-22 publication, where its contribution to the Stories of Atlantic City project can be found. “This is a win not only for Shore Local and BreakingAC,” Fertsch said of the partnership, “but, most importantly, for the whole community.”



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