• Michelle Dawn Mooney

The Birth of Blue Jeans ... Sort of

Feb. 26th: If you're a fan of blue jeans, or dungarees as they used to be called, today is a day of celebration! No, it's not the official day that denim pants came in to existence (that would be May 20th 1873), but it IS the birthday of the man synonymous with this wardrobe staple ... Levi Strauss.

Born in Germany as Loeb Strauss on February 26th, 1829 - he moved to New York, changed his name to Levi, became an American citizen in 1953, and (with the help of his business partner Jacob Davis) founded the first company for manufacturing blue jeans.

So, whether your favorite is dark, faded, cropped, distressed, acid wash, straight leg, wide leg, boot cut, skinny or any series of denim styles (don't forget overalls), let's give a shout out to a man who helped make this fashion icon come to life. Here's to you Mr. Strauss - for making it 50% easier on any given day to find something to wear - 100% if we decided to rock a denim shirt with those jeans. Happy Birthday!


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