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State seeking life in killing of 10-year-old Atlantic City boy

Updated: Feb 21

Alvin Wyatt smiled slightly as he walked into court, looking over at the mother of the Atlantic City boy he's accused of killing. Micah Tennant was in the crowded stands Nov. 15, watching his cousin play for Pleasantville High School when shots rang out, striking the 10-year-old and two others. The little boy known as Dew to his loved ones died 10 days later. His mother and supporters were in court Thursday as Wyatt pleaded not guilty to the charges that include one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. His attorney is asking for access to the clothing four men accused of fleeing the scene with a gun were wearing. The state is seeking life without parole, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy told the judge. The offer for a plea will be life, which would carry the possibility of parole. Wyatt, 31, allegedly came to the game after Shahid Dixon Facetimed him to show Ibn Abdullah was at the game. Abdullah, the alleged target, was wounded in the shooting. He also is charged after police found a gun on the wounded man. Dixon is one of four jailed on charges they fled the scene with a gun. Dixon was on drug court at the time.

Atlantic City man indicted in killing of 10-year-old at football game

The Atlantic City man accused of killing a Pleasantville boy at a high school football game has been indicted for murder, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner said. Alvin Wyatt, 31, is accused of coming to the game focused on what the Atlantic County prosecutor called "petty vengeance."But when he allegedly shot into the crowded stands on Nov. 15, it was a 10-year-old who was mortally wounded.


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