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Police investigating human bones found on Dog Beach in EHT

An investigation is ongoing after a part of a human skull was found along Dog Beach in Egg Harbor Township, State Police confirmed. Someone was walking their dog along the beachfront off Ocean Drive in the township at about 9:30 a.m. Sept. 9, when they came across the remains, Lt. Ted Schafer told BreakingAC. Troopers from the Woodbine Station along with detectives from the Homicide South Unit responded to the scene, and collected evidence Schafer said. The remains were turned over to the Southern Region Medical Examiners’ Office, which determined the bones were of human origin, Schafer said. The Homicide South Unit is investigating. No further information is available. Some wondered if the remains could belong to a Somers Point man who has not been seen since last October, when he went crabbing in Ocean City, across from Dog Beach. Only his truck was found on Ocean City’s northend beach.

Somers Point man still missing after going fishing Saturday

A Somers Point man is still missing five days after he went to go fishing in Ocean City. Sam DeLarso, 53, left his home some time between 4 and 5 a.m. Saturday, his daughter, Samantha DeLarso, told BreakingAC. … Read more

But Sam DeLarso’s daughter, Samantha, tells BreakingAC she realized it couldn’t have been her father after seeing a photo that was previously posted online of the remains. “After we reviewed the picture, we realized that it could not be his due to the fact there are teeth that still remain attached to the skull,” she said, noting her father had a full set of dentures. The poster has since taken the photo down out of respect for any possible family, after it was determined that the remains were human. DeLarso said another poster responded with pictures of upper dentures that she found on Dog Beach in January. She said they look similar to her father’s and she’s hoping that just the photo — which is all they have — can help in some way. Meanwhile, she said she hopes the bones found earlier this month are identified quickly and help another family get answers. “Speaking from experience, this is the absolute worst feeling and the not knowing is, at times, unbearable,” DeLarso said. “Hopefully, this discovery will help a family begin to answer what may have happened to their loved one.” She was thankful for all the kinds words and prayers her family has received over the past 11 months. “Please continue to reach out with any leads or items that may belong to him, and spread the word with friends so we may be able to also, one day, start getting answers to the many, many questions that still remain,” she said.


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