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Pleasantville dirt bike rider still wanted

Updated: May 13

Pleasantville police are still looking for a dirt bike rider who struck a woman and then fled Aug. 5.

And they’re channeling their inner Bryan Mills to do it.

“Do not forget, Mr. Cowardly, that we possess a certain set of skills,” a Pleasantville Police Department Facebook post says, borrowing words from Liam Neeson’s character in the “Taken” films.

In this case, however, the skills come in the form of faith in the public.

“One of them is the eyes and ears of the public, and their desire to see justice done for the victim of this wreck,” continues the post, written by Pleasantville Police Capt. Matt Hartman.

Video shows the unnamed woman standing on the sidewalk when she suddenly reacts just before the bike strikes her. She was seriously injured.

The suspect left the bike, and ran. Stills taken from other cameras shows him, with a mask over his face.

Several residents have said they saw the man riding recklessly regularly, but do not know his identity.

Anyone who does is asked to call police at 609-641-6100.


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