• Lynda Cohen

'Non-essential' Galloway business cited for violation

A Galloway Township business owner has been cited for staying open despite the governor's order. Rafi Naman, owner of The Tobacco Outlet, was warned three times in the past four weeks that his is not an essential business and needs to stay closed, Police Chief Donna Higbee said. Rather than heed the three warnings Higbee said were "granted to him in good faith by the police department, he instead started operating out of the rear of his business, Higbee said. After receiving tips from other businesses closed due to the order, Galloway police went to the business on Jimmie Leeds Road and found him inside the store selling to customers, Higbee said. Naman has been charged with two counts of violating Executive Order #107.

"These are the types of incidents that we try to avoid with our business owners but have no other choice in defense of our compliant business owners," Higbee said. "We want to thank all our business owners in town and hope that Mr. Naman does not require any further attention from the police department with regard to this matter. His actions are unsafe, clearly defiant and inconsiderate of other business owners in similar circumstances."


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