• Michelle Dawn Mooney

National Dance Week!

Updated: 4 days ago

#YAYoftheDay for April 24th:

Dance lovers unite (well, only with your quarantine crew). Behold, we are in the midst of National Dance Week! If being penned-up at home has you dealing with some pent-up energy, now is the time to take to the dance floor, which can essentially be found in any one of the hotspots you've been frequenting lately ... your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or maybe you've been living on the wild side in your back yard.

Judging by the surge in quarantine TikTok dance sequences, we know a LOT of you out there have some pretty sweet moves, so let's see them. Don't be afraid to dance like nobody's watching even though you may get a few looks from the handful of people you're on lockdown with. Trust me, they've seen enough in the last few weeks that they're not going to care. Turn up the music, grab a housemate and give them a whirl, or break out in your own solo. Life is too short not to let our hair down and have the music just take us away. Need a little inspiration? Check out the video below with some brilliant movie mashups (some scenes rated PG) that will have you feeling the "funk" in no time. Happy dancing!

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