• Lynda Cohen

Missing Pleasantville teen has been found

Updated: May 13

A Pleasantville teen who had been missing from a group home for more than a week has been found, her father said. Michael Bey said 17-year-old Latina Dawn Brown was picked up in Camden. He did not have details. Pleasantville girl was one of three teens who went missing from a group home in Burlington County around April 12. “She doesn’t understand how dangerous it is on these streets, and I’m scared for her,” Bey said. Latia Dawn Brown has had issues, which included the involvement of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency. But the state agency is no longer involved, although Bey says the problems with his daughter have continued. He fears the girls are targets for sex traffickers, who sometimes lure girls away or target those who have run away on their own.

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