• Lynda Cohen

Man wanted in Gloucester County killing turns himself in to Atlantic City police

Updated: May 14

A man wanted in a Gloucester County homicide turned himself in to Atlantic City police this week. Anthony Kille, 20, is accused of fatally shooting 21-year-old Davontae Randall in Paulboro on Saturday. Atlantic City activist Steve Young said he got a call from an Atlantic City resident at about 11:40 a.m. Tuesday, telling him about a suspect who wanted to turn himself in. Young said he went and talked to Kille, and then escorted him to the Atlantic City police station. Tom Gilbert, chief of staff with the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, said Chief Henry White called him up to tell him about Kille. Gilbert, Atlantic City’s former tourism director, said he was surprised when he got a call from the chief of police. “You know that guy you’ve been looking for?” White asked him. “We’ve got him.” The chief told Gilbert about Young’s involvement. “It worked out good because it was an uneventful way for us to connect with someone we wanted off the street,” Gilbert told BreakingAC. He said his office called up Young and thanked him. “That was a good outcome given the circumstances and level of violence in the first place,” Gilbert said. Randall was gunned down in front of his mother’s home Saturday days after a road rage incident involving him and Kille, nj.com reported. Randall’s pregnant girlfriend told the news site that she was with her boyfriend when they nearly crashed into a car in which Kille was a passenger. “He said to Davontae, ‘Watch what we do to you’ as they pulled off,” Daniels told nj.com. Kille is now charged with murder, possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and a third-degree receiving stolen property charge. He will held in the Salem County Correctional Facility pending a detention hearing. Young did not say why Kille was in Atlantic City, but that he and his family reached out to him because they “trust the grass-rooted, truthful, fearless work and actions I have been consistently doing in the community for years,” he said. “He decided to live up to his actions and didn’t want to cause any more harm to himself or the community.”


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