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Local video artist tries to focus on future as troubled past looms

Chais Hill appears to be an example of the positive that can come out of Atlantic City, as he builds up his video business and works helping the city’s youth. He admits to a troubled past that includes drug convictions. But with his partner, Anthony Archetto, he is hoping to go beyond that. Their company, MaxOut TV, has done campaign videos for three current Atlantic City mayoral candidates, including incumbent Mayor Don Guardian. But Hill’s past isn’t staying there. A new super political action committee, Our Atlantic City, has claimed City Council President Marty Smalls’ personal affiliation with Hill — whose video work also includes rappers with guns and appearing to smoke marijuana — is proof why he shouldn’t be elected mayor. Hill at first said any publicity was good publicity. But now says he is losing business because of the continued attacks. For their part, a representative of Our Atlantic City said they haven’t named Hill in their posts, although they have put up photos of him with Small, along with edited versions of his videos and links to a story on his 2013 heroin-trafficking arrest. That case also remains part of his present. On Tuesday, Hill was in court to reject a plea deal in that drugs and gun case, which was indicted in 2015. The 20-count indictment includes distribution of a half-ounce or more of heroin and possession of a .380 highpoint semi-automatic handgun. Hill turned down an offer of seven years with five years of parole ineligibility this week, and a trial is now set for June 12. If convicted, Atlantic County Judge Bernard DeLury told him, he could face a likely sentence of 30 years with 15 of parole ineligibility. “I haven’t been convicted of anything,” Hill said. A Miranda hearing to throw out a statement he gave to police will be held before his trial starts. Hill insists that he must fight. He admits to troubles in his past but says that, by the time police arrested him in October of 2013, he was already done with that life. He had a record deal and didn’t need to deal drugs. After his arrest, he wound up using the record money to bail himself out. His eyes reflected a mixture of shock and sadness as he talked of what he claims is an unfair and amped-up case against him just prior to his court hearing Tuesday. As the judge warned him of the worst-case scenario, Hill’s wife put her head in her hands, upset at the prospect. (If all the charges could be sentenced consecutively — which they can’t — it would add up to 120 years, the judge said.) There have been no issues since the arrest, Hill points out. Our Atlantic City’s representative questioned that since there is at least one gun shown in the video that the site has focused on, and there appears to be weed. Hill doesn’t deny that some of his work is with rappers who tell the story of the streets that include guns, drugs and snitching. But that’s his work in capturing their voice, he said. “I don’t know if it was even real,” he said of the gun. “That was the guy I interviewed’s choice. That’s his fight.”

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