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Last Kauffman defendant in Atlantic County jail

Updated: May 8

The woman accused of picking up the money paid to kill April Kauffman is now in the Atlantic County Justice Facility. Beverly Augello, 47, who was arrested in Florida, is the last of eight people charged in the drug ring enterprise whose discovery is blamed for Kauffman’s killing. The veterans advocate was shot twice inside her Linwood bedroom May 10, 2012. Arrests didn’t come until Jan. 9, when Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner announced James Kauffman was charged with murder and other crimes related to an Oxycontin drug ring in which he allegedly partnered with alleged Pagans Motorcycle Club leader Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, Beverly’s former husband. April Kauffman allegedly found out about the conspiracy and threatened to reveal it while trying to get her husband to agree to a divorce. It took Freddy Augello nearly a year to find someone to carry out the hit, according to the charges. He then found Frank Mullholland, who was paid about $20,000 for the killing, Tyner said. Mullholland died of a heroin overdose in 2013. Beverly Augello allegedly went to Kauffman’s office to pick up the money and more prescriptions that were used to buy drugs for sale, the charges allege. She is charged with first-degree racketeering, but not in the killing. Freddy Augello also allegedly planned to kill James Kauffman after the Egg Harbor Township doctor was arrested June 13, when he pulled a gun and threatened to kill himself when a search warrant was executed at his Ocean Heights practice. The former endocrinologist was moved to the Hudson County jail for his safety. Kauffman was found dead in his cell Jan. 26, from what is being investigated as a suicide. Beverly Augello was supposed to have her first court appearance Thursday afternoon, but that has been waived, according to the court. A detention hearing is set for Tuesday. Only Kauffman and Freddy Augello had been ordered held so far in the case. They are the only two who were charged in the killing. The rest were all allegedly part of the drug enterprise, and have been released with conditions. One defendant, Cheryl Pizza, was released on a summons without a detention hearing.


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