• Michelle Dawn Mooney

It's Giving Tuesday!

#YAYoftheDay for May 5th:

There's something about being in a pandemic that really makes you take inventory of what's important in life. As millions of people have stayed home over the last few weeks to help save lives, we realize just how vital it is for us to work together to help make a change. It's that exact premise that makes Giving Tuesday so powerful.

The #GivingTuesday movement was created as a day to encourage people to do good. Since its inception in 2012, it's turned into a global phenomenon that has enabled hundreds of millions of people to support causes around the world and celebrate the beauty that is found in generosity. Who couldn't stand to see a little more of that quarantine. So, today I challenge YOU to challenge yourself to make a difference. Whether it's donating to your favorite charity, visiting a relative from afar, dropping off a special treat on a friend or neighbors front porch, or simply offering a word of encouragement to someone who may need it during this crazy time, remember this ... even the simplest acts of kindness can go a long way.

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