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Home where alleged Pagan leader arrested belongs to schoolteacher girlfriend

When law enforcement came to arrest Fred Augello early Jan. 9, they forced open the front door of a nearly half- million home on 4 Mockingbird Lane in the Petersburg section of Upper Township. Augello was wanted on a warrant accusing him of conspiring in a drug ring, setting up the killing of April Kauffman, and attempting to set-up the jailhouse murder of his Oxycontin ring confederate, Dr. James Kauffman. But authorities pried open the front door of a Cape May County home that did not belong to Augello, even though he lived there for several years. The home, set in a suburban development surrounded by woods and with a pool out back, belongs to Dawn Stadler, an elementary school teacher certified to teach special needs children. When authorities arrested Augello, they confiscated his motorcycle along with Stadler’s motorcycle, according to a resident. Stadler, who has referred to Augello as her “hubby” online, stands in stark contrast to the man authorities have described as a Pagan Motorcycle Club leader. Mockingbird Lane is listed as Augello’s legal address on court papers. Stadler bought the home for $462,500 on Aug. 18, 2010. She signed a mortgage note of $220,000 at the time of purchase, stating she was a “single woman.” The loan extends to 2040. She earns $84,900 annually from teaching in Dennis Township and is in her late 50s. Her message to parents and students on the school’s website says that the kids call her “Miss Dawn” because of Miss Stadler “is way too many S’s in a row.” “This school year will be my 27th year of teaching public school in New Jersey and my 17th year of teaching in Dennis Township,” she writes. “I hold two teaching certificates in New Jersey: Teacher of the Handicapped and a Preschool – 6th grade teaching certificate. I earned my Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at The University of Scranton.” She then tells parents to feel free to contact her for anything, “even just to say Hi : )” And ends her message with “Thanks for joining the journey.” Stadler has not responded to a call to her cell phone, nor to emails sent to both her personal and email addresses. After Aufello’s arrest, she appeared to have stayed elsewhere for a time; her personal car was not at the home. No one answered on two occasions when a reporter knocked and rang the bell. A damaged door frame was evident. Other than living with Augello and having her motorcycle taken away by authorities, Stadler’s role is unclear . Through a spokeswoman, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner — who reopened the stalled April Kauffman murder case — declined to say exactly when the alleged illegal drug enterprise began or if any of Augello’s money has been used to pay for the home. The spokeswoman also declined to address the legal status of the relationship between Stadler and Augello. One of his ex-wives, Beverly Augello of Summerland Key, Fla., is facing a drug conspiracy charge in the case. She was allegedly the one who picked up the approximately $20,000 payment for the hit Dr. Kauffman took out on his wife. She is still in Florida, awaiting extradition. Stadler makes many mentions of Augello on her Facebook page, which is listed under an alias. Both Stadler’s cover and profile photos on Facebook show her posing with Augello. On her Facebook page, she states that she manages his business, Freddymade Guitars & Graphics, which made signs and built customized guitars based on vintage instruments. Beverly Augello, who is a photographer, appears to have shared the same business address and phone number as Freddymade at one time, several years ago. Stadler, who refers to Augello as “hubby” and also announced they were engaged in October of 2014, wrote she “fell in love” with Augello “so long ago.” “You are my Greatest Adventure & I LOVE YOU,” she also wrote. Exactly when their relationship began or how they met is unclear to several who know them. But Stadler has a long association with motorcycles, according to a resident; her previous boyfriend also rode, but was not a Pagan. She and the past boyfriend were in a serious accident on his bike, according to the neighbor. She got a substantial insurance settlement as a result of her injury, which may explain how she managed to buy the home on Mockingbird Lane, added the neighbor. Many of the photos Stadler has posted on Facebook are from local bars and festivals where Augello played with his primary group, the Who Dat Band. He also plays with a band known as WilliRocket. Stadler often helps transport, set up and break down gear for performances, according to an acquaintance. Some pictures show Stadler and Augello dressed in period outfits, such as Confederate costumes at Halloween, and also American Indian garb. Augello, who has worn his once-black hair long for decades, giving him a American Indian aura, has a long fascination with Native Americans, even erecting a teepee in several of the places he has lived over the years, including Northfield. Augello is a history buff, often discussing past events and historical figures, according to an acquaintance. Last week, a judge ordered him held in the Atlantic County jail pending trial.

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