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Galloway man charged with exposing second man to HIV

Updated: Mar 5

A Galloway Township man already charged with knowingly infecting a man with HIV is now accused of failing to disclose his medical history before having unprotected sex with a second man. Anthony Hargrove, 37, was charged last week with committing “an act of sexual penetration without the informed consent of the other person while knowingly infected…,” according to a complaint obtained by BreakingAC. He is scheduled to be in court Oct. 30. Hargrove already faces charges filed this past May, after another man was allegedly infected in 2016. It is not clear whether the second man became infected.

A friend of Hargrove’s is also charged with harassing the first alleged victim online, according to a complaint against the woman, who works for the Atlantic County Welfare Board. Michelle Joyner, 42, of Galloway Township, is charged with cyber-harassment for posting “lewd, indecent or obscene material” through a social networking site, the charge claims. That case has been referred to the grand jury, according to court records.

Galloway man charged with knowingly infecting man with HIV

A Galloway Township man is accused of giving a man a sexually transmitted disease after failing to disclose he was HIV positive.Anthony Hargrove, 36, was charged Thursday with three criminal counts, including aggravated assault. Hargrove was arrested last month in a separate case in which he allegedly punched and threatened a man outside the Cathedral Grace … Read more


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