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Former Atlantic City police chief settles lawsuit for $2.3 million

Former Atlantic City Police Chief John Mooney has settled his lawsuit with Atlantic City for $2.3 million. It was one of two major lawsuit settlements related to police that City Council voted on Wednesday. The other was a $3 million payout in an excessive force case. The deal stems from a 2013 court case in which Mooney was awarded more than $3.7 million, after the jury found his demotion was retaliation by then-Mayor Lorenzo Langford. The jury also awarded an additional quarter-million dollars for damage to Mooney’s career and reputation. Appeals have been ongoing. The settlement was made by the state’s law firm, and approved by City Council last Wednesday. “This is not good news for our taxpayers,” City Council President Marty Small told BreakingAC on Saturday. “This case has lingered in the court system at various levels and I’m happy that this is behind us and we can move forward.” Small said the city didn’t really have a choice, since Jeff Chiesa’s lawfirm made the deal. “Our attorneys were just briefed,” he said. At the time of the original case, the jury deliberated less than five hours before reaching its verdict at the time of the trial. They asked three questions, all related to money. Mooney’s attorney did not return calls for comment.

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