• Michelle Dawn Mooney

Cookie Craze

Updated: May 28

It's National Cookie Day and who doesn't like a delicious cookie? If you're like me, it's hard to say no to these tasty sweet treats, especially during the holidays. Whether you like them thin and crispy or soft and chewy, it's safe to say there is probably a cookie out there for everyone. Even if you're gluten, soy, dairy or nut allergic, there is a plethora of options you can find at bakeries, supermarkets and online.

In case you're looking to whip up a quick batch tonight, I wanted to pass on one my favorite go-to recipes for delicious cookies in a pinch with only three ingredients needed (plus any mix-ins you may want to add). They may not be quite as good as from scratch, but if you have a cookie craving they will probably do the trick. Recipe is below, so you can check it out for yourself.

So, what's your "go to" cookie? Are they from a box, from a bakery or from your own oven? Let us know ... and feel free to pass on any of your favorite recipes to share. We'd love to try them. Happy Cookie Day!

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