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Brigantine teen honored for honesty

Updated: Mar 28

Jasmine and Jalil Naji with Officer Corey Sprague, Brigantine PBA president.

A Brigantine teen learned it pays to do the right thing. Jalil Naji found a wallet near his Brigantine home about two weeks ago and quickly rode his bike to the Police Department to help it get to its rightful owner. The owner was so grateful to have her wallet back with everything — including cash and personal items — in tact, she sent a note and Wawa gift card for police to forward to Jalil. That led to a surprise Labor Day morning when Jasmine Naji saw two police officers heading to her door. “I was a little thrown off by it,” she told BreakingAC. But, after asking for her younger son, they assured her it was all good. Jalil Naji got a surprising wake-up Labor Day morning. “The police are here to talk to you,” Naji told Jalil, as she tried to rouse him from bed. The 13-year-old at first waved her off. “Jalil, you have to get up now, the police need to talk to you,” she said. The incoming Brigantine eighth-grader quickly brushed he teeth, washed his face and headed downstairs. They gave him the note and two Wawa gift cards — with Brigantine PBA Local 204 matching the one the wallet’s owner sent. “I’m so surper proud of him,” Naji said of Jalil. She said she has tried to instill honesty and respect of other people’s belongings in Jalil and his older brother, Khairi. “I’ve always tried to teach them the right thing. You want to treat people the way you want to be treated,” she said. “I’m very, very glad he followed what I was saying.” The Brigantine Police Department was also proud, heralding Jalil’s actions on Facebook. “Great job, Jalil,” the post read. “It’s these acts of kindness and honesty from awesome citizens like you that make Brigantine such a great community. And great job by Jalil’s family for raising an awesome young man.”

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