• Michelle Dawn Mooney

Before trick-or-treating, check out where predators are, NJSP tells parents

State Police are urging residents to do one online search before sending the kids trick-or-treating tonight. They suggest parents check OffenderWatch, a mapping and notification service that lets residents know the location of registered sex offenders. In addition to making sure kids have a flashlight or glow stick when they collect their candy and making sure parents check it out before the kids eat it, this is another often overlooked precaution parents should take, State Police said. There are approximately 4,500 registered sex offenders in the state. Atlantic City has 158 alone, according to the site. By using the online service, you can pinpoint exactly where offenders live and even receive free email notifications if an offender moves within a specified radius of any address you register, State Police said. “If you plan on trick-or-treating in a family or friend’s neighborhood, register their address beforehand to determine if there are any offenders living in the area,” State Police warned. This online service is maintained by the New Jersey State Police State Bureau of Identification and can be accessed HERE.


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