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Augello’s former wife and business partner to take witness stand against him

The trial in the killing of April Kauffman will resume Monday with the former wife of the man on trial. Beverly Augello is expected to be the first to take the stand as the trial begins its second week and the state presents its second witness to the jury. She is the second wife and former business partner of Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, who is accused of setting up the hit on the Linwood radio host and veterans advocate. He also was allegedly the partner of Kauffman’s doctor husband, James Kauffman, in an Oxycodone ring. The woman was a “patient” of Dr. Kauffman, and allegedly the main source of communication between him and her former husband. She also allegedly delivered the cash payment the doctor made to Freddy Augello for his wife’s killing. Just how much Beverly Augello knew will be learned on the witness stand Monday. While not charged in the murder conspiracy, the state contended that she knew what was inside the envelope Kauffman gave her for Freddy Augello — and the reason behind it. “We do have information she was aware she was carrying the payoff money for the murder of April Kauffman,” Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy told the judge at Beverly Augello’s detention hearing . “We believe, based on statements and investigation taken in this case, we can prove that.”

Woman who allegedly delivered payment to kill April Kauffman is released – BreakingAC

The woman who allegedly delivered the payment for April Kauffman?s killing was released pending trial Tuesday. Whether Beverly Augello, 48, knew what was inside a sealed envelope given to her by Dr. James Kauffman for her former husband is in question. “We do have information she was aware she was carrying the payoff money for … Read moreWoman who allegedly delivered payment to kill April Kauffman is released


Beverly Augello gave no names when she admitted to her role in the drug-racketeering case. Her plea came on what would have been hers and Freddy Augello’s wedding anniversary.

John Kachbalian is now jailed on witness-tampering and cyber-bullying charges based on his Facebook posts.

John Kachbalian, now jailed on witness tampering and cyber-bullying charges, noted the date on his Facebook page at the time. The man who shared membership in the Pagans Motorcycle Club with Freddy Augello got in trouble for posting about the case, and calling several of those who pleaded “rats.” He also posted a picture presumably of Beverly Augello naked taken from the back. A photographer by trade, Beverly Augello released the photo herself as an artistic piece, those close to her have said. But Kachbalian — known as “The Egyptian” — used it in a vulgarity-filled post that state alleges rose to cyber-bullying and first-degree witness tampering. The photo remains on Kachbalian’s public page. Levy has said in court that his office was unable to get Facebook to take it down. It is not known why the state hasn’t moved to have someone take it down on Kachbalian’s behalf. A gag order prevents anyone involved with the case from commenting. Beverly Augello got pills for the group to sell, and also used some herself. Her drug use allegedly continued after her arrest, and she spent a weekend in jail this spring after she was arrested in a Corbin City car stop in possession of cocaine. She pleaded guilty to that as well. She faces four years in prison when she is sentenced on both the racketeering and drug charges. But her attorney, Hal Kokes, can argue for a suspended sentence in the case. All but one of Freddy Augello’s living former co-defendants in the case has pleaded guilty and are expected to testify for the state. His defense, however, has placed all of their lawyers on their witness list. They are expected to use them to open up what kind of deals the Atlantic County prosecutor was offering in the case. Those attorneys are the only witnesses allowed to attend the trial. The remainder on the witness list are sequestered, and cannot come into the courtroom except when testifying and for closing statements.


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