• Lynda Cohen

Atlantic City schools open Monday, closing long-term Tuesday

Atlantic City schools will now be open Monday, despite previously saying they would close. The school district threw parents and students a curve ball Saturday, when a robocall went out from Superintendent Barry Caldwell making the announcement. But the schoolday is now needed to prepare students for long-term remote learning. Atlantic City schools will be closed beginning Tuesday and lasting through spring break. It is a must that students come to school Tuesday to receive their chromebooks and educational materials, Superintendent Barry Caldwell said. They also will receive additional guidance. Meal plans also are in place for students who get free or reduced lunch. There will be 10 locations open from 8 to 11 a.m. so students can pick up bagged breakfast and lunches. Those locations are

  1. Brighton Avenue School, 30 Brighton Ave.

  2. Chelsea Heights School, 4101 Filbert Ave.

  3. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School Complex, 1700 Marmora Ave.

  4. Pennsylvania Avenue School, 201 Pennsylvania Ave.

  5. New York Avenue School, 411 N. New York Ave.

  6. Richmond Avenue School, 4115 Ventnor Ave.

  7. Sovereign Avenue School, 111 N. Sovereign Ave.

  8. Texas Avenue School, 2523 Arctic Ave.

  9. Uptown School Complex, 323 Madison Ave.

  10. Venice Park School, 1601 N. Pennsylvania Ave.

Editor's note: This story originally ran Thursday, announcing the previous closing schedule.


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