• Lynda Cohen

Atlantic City homicide victim was recently cleared in a 2014 killing

Updated: May 15

An Atlantic City man fatally gunned down this week was acquitted of murder seven months ago. Alexander Campbell, known to his loved ones as Toot, was killed Monday night in the 1100 block of Michigan Avenue. Friends and family gathered to mourn him several times this week, including a candlelight vigil where community leader Demaris Jones called for the city's men to step up as more and more are being lost to violence. “Let’s start really doing better,” she said. “If not for yourself, let’s do it for Toot’s son. Let’s do it for all the ones… It’s a lot of fatherless children out here.”

Those left fatherless by violence in city include three children who lost their father, Kenneth Sandoz, in a Dec. 22, 2014 shooting. Campbell, 25, was charged with that killing. But in October, a jury found him not guilty of the crime. As “blood brother” Felix Beltran readied Campbell’s body for his burial Wednesday, he said he hoped Campbell’s name would be fully cleared since the acquittal — unlike the arrest — was not reported in the media. It was not clear whether that case played a part in his killing. Those who knew “Toot” said he had a passion for dirt bikes and his friends, especially the group that labeled themselves “Team Sauce.” “He was addicted to his closest friends,” Beltran said. Campbell was “somebody’s son. He’s somebody’s brother. Somebody’s husband,” Jones said. “He’s got brothers from another mother that really care.” Respectful and silly were words that stood out. “His smile captured the hearts of many,” Beltran said.


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