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Atlantic City author had a novel path to her first published book

Updated: Jan 14

For Kassana Wilson, a picture turned out to be worth a lot more than 1,000 words. It started a promising career for the Atlantic City native. Wilson, 24, became a published author this month with her book, “You Can Do No Wrong.” The 2012 Pleasantville High School graduate has used writing as an outlet for years, she said. The death of her father in 2016 pushed her even further into her writing. Then, in April, friend Sunshine Bell tagged her in a photo on Facebook. “Kassana talked a lot about making making short stories and would give us little samples here and there using different pictures, making stories behind it,” Bell said. “Once I saw the one with the female on the ground crying out for help, I just knew she would bring that picture to life.” As Bell predicted, Wilson’s creativity took hold.

The picture that inspired the book.

“I can look at a picture and come up with a story within seconds,” she said. “The very next day, I went viral with my short stories on Facebook and I haven’t stopped writing since.” The story came in nine parts, each more anticipated than the last. “Soooo why is this not a book???” one reader asked after one installment. “I can’t do this!! The cliffhangers are killing me!!!” wrote another. “There are people who struggle everyday with different situations privately who could read and relate in some kind of way,” Bell said. “It’s just so beautiful how she has such an open mind. I read every last one of her stories and look forward to seeing more of her work in the future. She is such a beautiful soul and it shows with her passion for writing.” Facebook friend, Devon Jones, kept pushing for Wilson to go to a publisher. She sent three chapters to Envision & Wonder. Two days later, she had a book deal. “You Can Do No Wrong,” is now available at Barnes & Noble, on Amazon and through the publisher’s and Wilson’s websites. The publishing company calls Wilson “a highly talented urban literature author” in an announcement on its website. “She has shown so much dedication and drive in her work,” the posting says. “And our team believes that her book… will become a classic.” A book signing scheduled in the area for later this month. The exact time and place will be announced soon (and posted here).

And the good news keeps coming. At least one reader predicted it: “You know the WORLD is waiting on part 5 right??? … One day you WILL write a movie script.” Or maybe a Netflix movie. “I had a producer contact me about making a movie with them,” Wilson told BreakingAC. The trip will come after the book signing. In the meantime, she continues to write with her following growing and her dedicated fans screaming to know what happens next. Wilson wants to inspire other writers to keep pushing, “whether you’re 13, 29, 50 or 70 years old.” “For those who just have a dream period, do whatever it takes to fulfill that dream and please stay positive during that journey,” she said. “There will be tough days and long nights, but always keep your head up because you will appreciate that gift in the end because you deserve it.”


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