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Affidavit could clear three accused of fleeing Pleasantville football game with gun

Updated: Feb 28

Tyrell Dorn, center, with (clockwise from upper left) Vance Golden, Shahid Dixon and Michael Mack.

Three men accused of fleeing a fatal Pleasantville shooting with a gun were not successful in arguing for release from jail this week. Their attorneys cited an affidavit from the fourth co-defendant in the case claiming that none of them knew a gun was in the car.

After the Nov. 11 shooting that mortally wounded 10-year-old Micah Tennant, police chased a car with four men inside seen fleeing the scene.

During the chase, a gun was thrown out a window. Tyrell Dorn told police when he was arrested that he was the one who threw the gun, according to the affidavit in the case.

Now, according to a signed statement presented by attorneys for his co-defendants, he said that the other men had no knowledge of the gun.

“I have not been able to verify the affidavit with my client,” attorney Michael Schreiber told BreakingAC.

He said he is more concerned about his client getting fair treatment due to it being lumped in with the fatal shooting. The men are not charged the killing.

“I hope he’s just treated like everyone else with a gun charge,” Schreiber said.

He previously said in court that Dorn was "mortified" that people thought he was connected to the shooting that killed the little boy known as Dew. Shahid Dixon, Vance Golden and Michael Mack each pleaded not guilty Thursday to the gun charges. “These crimes and offenses are completely separate from the shooting that night at the football game,” Mack’s attorney, Matthew Portella, told Judge Bernard DeLury. Portella and Golden’s attorney, Jake Bayak, tried to use the affidavit to reopen their detention hearings. Both were previously ordered held in the case. The validity of the affidavit has not been confirmed, Assistant Prosecutor Edmund Mallqui-Burgos, told the judge. He then relayed a previous case he had involving Dorn’s father. In that case, Mallqui-Burgos said there was also an

affidavit allegedly signed by Dorn, claiming the drugs his father was arrested on were his. But when Dorn was later questioned, he denied writing the statement. Dixon’s attorney also tried to get his client freed. Unlike the others, Dixon is being held on a parole violation related to his status in Recovery Court — Atlantic County’s version of drug court. Dixon went two years with no violations, attorney Jim Grimley said. But the judge said there were also several motor vehicle violations and that Dixon failed to give proof of employment and submit to his financial obligations. All four men were at the game when shots were fired. Dixon is allegedly the reason the accused shooter, Alvin Wyatt, came to the game. Dixon told police he talked to Wyatt via Facetime and let him know that Ibn Abdullah was there. Abdullah was wounded in the shooting. He also faces weapons offenses after he was found with a gun. He has not been indicted yet.

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