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Accused Atlantic City killer appears confused at first appearance

Updated: Jan 14

A man accused of killing an Atlantic City man, then putting his body in a trash can seemed confused during his first appearance in court Wednesday afternoon. Thomas Green, 64, of Atlantic City, is accused of killing Ricky Ward by “hitting him in the head multiple times with stones,” according to the charges. Ward, 52, was found dead in a trash can on the 1200 block of Adriatic Avenue on Saturday morning, just a couple of blocks from where Green lived, according to court documents. “Ricky Ward?” Green asked as Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury read the complaint in court. “Holyfield was the guy,” Green said. “Your lawyer?” DeLury asked. “No, the guy I hit with the stones,” Green replied. The judge then cautioned him not to discuss the facts of the case. But later Green asked where Holyfield was, saying the man had been there with him. There was also confusion over Green’s legal representation. After first indicating he could not afford a lawyer and would need a public defender, he changed his mind. “I’m a king,” Green then seemed to say. “I’m a King Green. I’m United Nations.” When DeLury asked what he said, Green stuttered: “I can get a lawyer. I don’t need a public defender.” Green is charged with murder and weapons offenses for the stones. He is being held in the Atlantic County Justice Facility on $1 million full cash bail.


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